Hindi is a popular language spoken all across India. Although it is not our constitutional language, its importance can’t be neglected. At times we might need to type in Hindi. It is written in the Devanagari script. Mangal, a Devanagari script font, is already installed in windows10. But we need software to enable us to write in this font. Here is a list of 10 best Hindi typing softwares for windows 10.

1. India typing software

It is software consisting of a unique feature of English to Hindi typing. You can also let your fingers relax as it incorporates speech typing feature. the typing tutor not only enables you to type in Hindi but also teaches you how to do so. This software is available offline and the different fonts for typing in Hindi can be downloaded online. The layouts and keyboard patterns can also be downloaded for free. A tool for English to Hindi translation is also available to make your typing task easier. Tools like font conversion tools help you switch from one font to the other.


2. Indic Input 3

Indic Input 3 is software that was created by Microsoft. It enables the users to type in English using their keyboard but the words are displayed in Hindi on the screen. Various layouts are available for the keyboard. Unlike India typing software, this is a paid software coming with a free trial. MS Office, notepad, etc. (MS Office suite) work compatibly with it.

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3. Google input tool

This software is one of the best ways to type in Hindi. For using this tool, you don’t need to learn how to type in Hindi. It does not need any payment as it is absolutely free. It is versatile and incorporates various features to ease out your task of typing in Hindi. The words typed in English using the keyboard will be converted to Hindi automatically. And various keyboards can be used for typing Hindi sentences. This software is best for beginners as it is relatively easier to use.


4. Inscript

This software should be preferred by candidates applying for government jobs in typing as this software finds its use by various governments. But is not that easy to use and the user might face some difficulty in learning it. In windows 10, it is pre-installed.


5. Hindi indic IME 1

Using the qwerty keyboard itself, you can enter your text in Hindi using the input method editor(ime). it has features to help us in typing efficiently. Some of those features are auto text, customized word list, compatibility with different keyboards.

6. Aasaan – Hindi typing tutor

It is an effective app to enable us to type efficiently in Hindi. We can type in English and the words will be translated to Hindi. It is used widely by software engineers whose work involves a lot of typing. it helps you sharpen your typing skills. Its basics can be learned within 6-10 hours. It allows you to first master the beginner level and then you may go for advanced typing as well. It is efficient and easy to use.


7. Sonma typing expert

This software was primarily developed to help Hindu students studying in English speaking universities. There are tools to improve Hindi typing skills. It is also provided with tests that keep a record of the user’s progress. It has programs that detect the speed of typing . its layout is very effective and easy to work with. This is one of the best softwares available for Hindi typing and for learning the same.

8. Hindi writer

It is free software and doesn’t require any pay key. You do not need to learn the layout of the Hindi keyboard and there is no need for you to install various fonts. Indic language fonts, which are already installed in windows, are used in this software. You just need to type the Hindi word in English using your keyboard and then your text will be translated. This feature makes it a popular software for Hindi typing. It is also compatible with various English keyboards.

9. JR Hindi typing software

The JR typing software comes at a nominal price with a free trial after which it can be bought. It is easy to use and user-friendly software. It has various quizzes for typing test preparation. It has an added feature of on-screen Hindi and English keyboard. It also comes with an exercise creator that helps users prepare for any typing test or exam. It is best for anybody wishing to acquire knowledge about Hindi typing. It is compatible with various keyboards. The learning process is highly specific and structured well. Though it is not free, it is worth spending on.


10. Soni typing software

Soni typing software makes the process of learning Hindi very easy and efficient. It has mangal font with inscript and remington gail layout. It has a wide user base of more than one lakh users all over India. Thousands of users claim to have benefitted from this software. People have cleared various typing exams using the Hindi typing tutor. Various typing exercises can be downloaded without needing to pay anything. It claims to teach typing in just 10 hours. After the various exercises come various practice tests to enable the user to test his typing skills before appearing for examinations. This software helps users realize their weaknesses and work upon them.