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Picking a mattress of the right size and dimension seems like a rather easy task–but it isn’t the walk in the park you think it is. We don’t need some detailed lectures to know why sleeping is important for health. And good healthy sleep is very much related to mattress size chart. Buying a mattress with wrong dimensions can do more than a little discomfort to your body.

You may only look for what’s currently popular in the market, or buy a mattress that’s of your favorite colour, and forget essential things like if the mattress you bought is of the right size for your needs. Focusing on just brand name– and ignoring if it’s the appropriate size to match your needs– is not the way to go about and purchase a mattress. Let’s look in detail what mattress to buy based on size and dimension.

Crib Mattress

Crib Mattress comes in very handy for those who have new born babies in their homes. They occupy the dimension of 28 ” x 52 ” with the facility to put crib frames if one needs them. If your child is about 18 months old or 3 feet in height, this mattress is more than enough for your baby’s comfortable accommodation. While buying the mattress, one should keep in mind that it won’t be suited for kids who don’t meet the above mentioned criteria.

Twin Mattress

A twin mattress is the smallest bed available in the market for adults, teens, and pre-teen children. It’s 38 inches wide and 75 inches long(38” W x 75” L). Due to its compact footprint, it’s ideal for single sleepers, children, anyone with a small living environment such as a shared room or a studio apartment. This is the type of mattress that you can call ‘practical,’ due to it being more affordable compared to expensive king size bed mattress.

Twin XL

With the measurement of 38 inches width and 80 inches length (38” W x 80” L), Twin XL is an upgraded version of the Twin mattress. Its ability to fit in smaller living spaces while also providing length to accommodate taller adults or teenagers make it a popular choice in college dorm rooms and shared apartments. You can also use Two twin XL beds to make a king size bed by combining them. This mattress, however, is not advisable for couples or anyone who likes spreading out while sleeping.

Full/Double Mattress

With 54 inches width and 75 inches length, Full/Double Mattress is easily the more spacious mattress compared to Twin or Twin XL. It is the standard size mattress for single sleepers who like to have more width than a Twin mattress and for couples with small homes. Full/Double mattresses can fit into bedrooms with smaller dimensions compared to Queen mattresses due to its slightly thinner dimension compared to Queen’s. However, this mattress is not recommended if you have to accomodate kids or pets.

Queen Mattress

Covering about 40% of total mattress sales, Queen mattress is the most in-demand mattress in the market. With its 60” W x 80” L dimension, it can accommodate taller adults, couples providing them extra space to move around. Queen is an ideal size mattress that can be shared easily by two people, and it comfortably fits into most modern bedrooms. So those who like plenty of space and to move a lot while sleeping, Queen mattress is a perfect choice for them. A slight disadvantage is that due to it being a little heavy, it can be a little difficult to move around.

Olympic Queen

Olympic Queen mattress is not a standard size mattress. At 66” x 80”, it is 6 inches wider than the Queen mattress. Due to its specific function, it isn’t available in just any mattress store. This a mattress specifically for those who don’t want something large– but also require a mattress big enough to accomodate a couple. The extra width that it provides makes it comfortable for couples who like to have personal space. Although, it’s not recommended to own this mattress if you have a small bedroom, as it won’t leave much space for furnishings or walking.

King Mattress

If you place two twin beds side by side, it will be similar to the size of a King mattress(76” x 80”). Due to its spacious structure, it’s a great choice for couples, allowing them to sleep with children or pets. If you have a master bedroom, using King Mattress will be more appropriate. If you have an adjustable bed, using a split king will allow people at both sides to independently control their individual positions. The spacious structure will be a disadvantage if you are using the mattress for a smaller bedroom.

California King Mattress

Measuring at 72 ” x 84, ” California King is one of the longest mattress sizes available in the market. Having 4 inches additional length compared to King Mattress, it’s ideal for couples who are looking for extra space as they can sleep with multiple children and pets. Not only does this mattress feel luxurious, but it is also very aesthetically beautiful to look at. These are the reasons why they are commonly used in big rooms like the master bedrooms. California King Mattresses are not suited for smaller master bedrooms, which must be taken into consideration while buying.


When deciding what mattress size you need, one must take into account how big their bedroom is, how much walking distance do they like around the room, how they sleep at night and whether they are sharing the bed with anyone. The most important consideration for experiencing a good night’s sleep is the comfort level. And the comfort level is very much dependent on the size of the mattress. Therefore consumers must absolutely make sure that they are purchasing mattresses of the correct size and dimension.

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